About Dr. Michelle


Born in Nashville, Dr. Michelle Mollard is a graduate of Vol State and Life Chiropractic College.  She spent the last 13 yrs in Atlanta, GA as a Chiropractor, Workshop Presenter, GOTR Coach and President of the Board of Girls on the Run-Forsyth.  Her time in Atlanta led her to the amazingly life-transforming experience of Breathwork.  So amazing were the results in her own life–in her own relationships that Dr. Michelle decided to shift her focus from Chiropractic to Breathwork and related workshops.    Dr. Michelle knows clinically how vital our ability is to breathe easily and knows personally how vital it is to experience unconditional love in our entire bodies.  Now residing back in Nashville with her son, Temple, she combines her clinical knowledge, her personal experience and her intense love of lifting others up in her practice of Breathwork and The Love Unplugged Workshop.


2 thoughts on “About Dr. Michelle

  1. If Dr. Michelle Mollard suggests it, then by all means, do it! My faith in Dr. Mollard as a Breathworker, and my knowledge of her deep desire to assist others in having the life that they want, is testimony to the friendship that she and I have had for more than 14 years.

    The courage and conviction with which Dr. Mollard faces each of life’s challenges is inspirational and uplifting, and anyone choosing to have her as their Breathworker will greatly benefit from the experience, and from having Dr. Mollard in their life!

    Happy and Healthy New Year to Y’All!

    Dr. Cindy Gale
    Atlanta, GA

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