You are already a Master, a Keeper of light and love, although you may not feel this, feel this all the time or believe this to be true right now.  Having a coach in your life addresses this transitional place of sensing who you truly are as you move into where you wish to be.  It facilitates your growth in many ways, but especially the areas of your life you’ve consciously intended growth to occur.

I remember when I worked with a business coach years ago when I had a chiropractic practice in Atlanta, GA.  My coach, Joseph, helped me so much in seeing how to accomplish things in a different way, lovingly holding my vision, and my hand sometimes, when I lost focus or my faith wavered.  The structure he created allowed me to be more creative and disciplined.  I also felt accountable to someone, which was uber powerful!

By working with me, you’ll find a peaceful, calm yet strong and capable place in which to be yourself, express your goals, dreams and challenges, while you expand into the Self you are wanting to be and truly are.  There are no limitations really as we are expanding into a new place that hasn’t been created yet.  While there will be logistical framing such as length of session and timing of the day/evening, your possibilities will never be limited.  I’ll hold the light of your vision for yourself, your life, your business in a space of love,  power and openness, while suggesting ways to grow along the way.  And, we’ll co-create a structure that feels right to you.  So, that you get the coaching that will work best for your style of learning and support.

Rates are in USD and payable via Paypal

–30 Minutes        $44

–60 Minutes        $99

–90 Minutes        $144

Please email me to arrange your session, at least 3 days in advance if you can:

Energy Medicine

Energy medicine isn’t for everyone.  If you have to struggle to allow the concept, this may not be a good way to spend your time and money.  Just sayin’!  I’m ALWAYS going to be real with you–in whatever way we are interacting.  I understand that talking about transmitting energy from one location to another doesn’t resonate with everyone.  That being said, for those with whom this strikes a chord, energy medicine is a super powerful and fun way to heal yourself, heal others and share your love with those who are not in your physical space at the moment.

One of the reasons I chose Chiropractic as a profession was that I was always using my hands on people from a very young age and was attracted to doing that in some way professionally.  The first Chiropractor, D.D. Palmer, actually practiced magnetic healing–he also was a beekeeper–he sounded really cool!

So, through studying and practicing Chiropractic, I’ve remembered how to sense information in a variety of ways and how to use my hands to transmit healing energy.  Not all Chiropractors flow this way, as you may know already.  Since  shifting my focus onto Breathwork, I’ve come to attract, recall and learn new ways of receiving information from a person and new ways to transmit information and energy.  I’ve found sounds to be really helpful as well as the power of intention with everything anchored in unconditional love.  I always ask permission to heal and call in your Higher Self and your guides, when available (yes, they have a schedule to keep :)).

Energy medicine is helpful and appropriate for all healing goals-health challenges, emotional or mental stress, and situations where you just don’t know what to do and need somewhere to begin.

For rates and setting appointments, please refer to fee schedule and information listed above for coaching.

Loving YOU!

Dr. Michelle


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