Private Session~   $111

Breathwork sessions are approximately 1½-2 hours. The initial session is the longest one; lasting about 3 hours as we discuss your birth history and current goals .

Subsequent sessions open with a brief discussion of how your time between sessions has been and any new goals or topics you wish to incorporate into the breathe are established. As you breathe in the specific way in which I have instructed you, I will act as a guide for the pace, depth, positioning and safety of your breathing.  As a certified Rebirther, I have been wonderfully and effectively trained to facilitate your experience of breathing in your heart space in a conscious and connected manner.  While I can’t say that “I’ve seen it all!”, I can say that everything is appropriate and nothing is judged.

This method of breathing is intended to release from your cellular, unconscious memory, that which no longer serves you in that moment–that which is in the way of you experiencing joy, peace of mind and abundance.  Rebirthing breathwork aims to identify and heal your birth story; the peri-natal experiences and the effects of the unconscious memories of birth trauma that continue to undermine your happiness, prosperity and health.

During the session, you will feel a variety of sensations in your body from tension, itching, figidtyness (my own word) and even perhaps ticklishness as the energy moves through you.  You may feel immense joy, sadness, anger or fear as the stored memories are brought up to be released.  In my own past breathes, I have been known to have the need/intuition to move my body into different positions.  This could have been a position that I took in the womb and perhaps by recreating this, I was attempting to release energy around a certain memory.  As I said, all is appropriate and nothing is judged.  As you breathe for about an hour, your body’s innate wisdom releases the necessary energies for that moment.  When you finish you will feel lighter and clearer.  I even notice a profound difference in my face, particularly in my eyes.

Something that is great about this work is that it is cumulative.  Each time you breathe, you will be raising your vibrational frequency and will not return to the previous or original frequency.  And, the ancillary activities that I suggest for you to do on your own will enhance the upliftment even more.  This work is youthing, invigorating and will increase your ‘life urge’.  So, if you want to be in your body longer, this work is for you!

Private~ 12 Session Package   $1200 <when paid in one payment>

You are a wonderfully complex being!  Your experiences and your memories are so precious and very impactful on who you are and how you affect those in your world.  One by one, sessions are totally fine and will definitely have benefit.  They even make great gifts!  But, something magical happens when you do this work over an extended period of time.

When you set the intention to clear and to heal your birth story and you commit to the work of identifying those things in your unconscious mind that have been driving your train to places you aren’t happy about going, you truly step into the work of a master.  You begin to wake up to your patterns, you begin to ease up on “those people” who very much triggered you in the past and your relationships begin to heal before your very eyes.  That was one of the biggest payoffs for me of my early investment in this work.

By committing to the 12 Session Package, you not only save over $100, but you set a powerful intention of dedication to your process and yourself.   You can also secure your best time and appointment availability with me.

Group~ Per Session Rate   $20-30

Group breathwork sessions last about 2 hours.  The history of Rebirthing Breathwork is discussed and then I will demonstrate the technique.  If there is a specific goal or intention that your group has, we will discuss it at this point.  All participants are welcome at the group sessions from beginners to existing patients.  This is also a good place to make new friends and meet like-minded others.

You’ll gain great benefits by breathing in group sessions, but it is the private sessions where you’ll gain the most benefit. Group sessions are also helpful in maintaining your momentum in between private sessions.

Group sessions are held in many locations throughout the Southeast, including Nashville, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia.  If you would like to host a group session in your home or office, please contact me for further information.  I enjoy facilitating these sessions anywhere in the world!

 Forms of payment accepted:  Cash & Paypal



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