[Please refer to the Coaching page for respective fees]

Private Session~   $125

Breathwork sessions are approximately 1½-2 hours. We begin with a brief discussion about current life events for you, then your breathe, and we finish with a brief wrap-up.  During the breathing, I will be guiding your breathing, the pace, the rhythm and encouraging you to stay in your heart.  While you can gain benefit from the group sessions, it’s in the individual sessions that you will experience the most powerful results.   Having the one-on-one support, you can go deeper into your process and clear a lot of what has been in the way of your happiness and success.  I also suggest home activities and accelerating processes for you to do along with the breathing which you won’t get in the group sessions.

This structure is right for you if you like personal attention, have lots of questions, are a “go one step beyond” kind of person or know that you would be more relaxed and comfortable one-on-one.

**Payment plans are offered for multiple visits.

Private~ 12 Session Package   $1200

By committing to the 12 Session Package, you not only save $300, but you set a powerful intention of dedication to your process and yourself.  You’re able to completely focus on the work and gain incredible momentum by paying up front.  You also secure your time and appointment availability with me.

Group~ Per Session Rate   $20-30

Group breathwork sessions last about 2 hours.  A small number of participants come together with various levels of experience with the work.  Some are coming for the first time and some are even Breathworkers themselves.

This type of session is a great introduction to the work.  You’ll gain great benefits by breathing in group sessions, but it is the private sessions where you’ll gain the most.  Group sessions are also helpful in maintaining your momentum while in between private sessions.

Group sessions are held in many locations throughout the southeast, including Nashville, Tennessee, and Atlanta, Georgia.  If you would like to host a group session in your home or office, please contact me for further information.  I’d be happy to facilitate these sessions anywhere in the world!

 [Forms of payment accepted are Cash, Check, PayPal and Skill Sharing]

Preferred Partner Discounts

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