Love Unplugged–The Workshop

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love.  It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.”

Have you ever stopped to notice what happens in your body when someone cuts you off in traffic?  Or when someone gives you a dirty look for no apparent reason?  How about what begins to rumble around in your mind when you think that someone has cheated you?  If I told you to “Come from love no matter what”, you’d probably have a few choice words to say to me that couldn’t be repeated  in church, right?  For the most part, we aren’t taught how to come from a more calm, centered and loving place.  And, as life gets more complicated and we get seem to feel more disconnected, it’s even harder to ‘love thy neighbor’.  But if you are to be and to stay healthy, to pass on healthy habits to your offspring and to ‘be the change you wish to see’, this is really is what is needed now–to come from love no matter what.

With life’s challenges, we often get triggered into feeling angry, reactive, defensive or helpless.  When we take our power back, in any situation, we can then react more calmly and more compassionately.  Being loving doesn’t have to be hard, sacrificial or detrimental.  You’ll learn how subtle shifts can create deep peace and lasting change in all of your relationships.

The intention of this workshop is to create a sacred & effective space for you to identify the existing mental habits you have adopted where you react to life  in a fearful, critical way. In identifying your habits and patterns, you can begin to change the pattern of coming from fear to one of coming from a more loving & empowered place.

The 5-hour workshop involves interactive processes, group activities and a group heart-centered conscious connected breathing session.  It’s just right for singles, couples, parents and work groups, because we all benefit from lightening up and coming from a more balanced, loving perspective.

You’ll leave with real, practical and easy-to-apply tools for how to stay in your heart no matter what.

Inquire via the contact page for more information on scheduling for your group or for the next workshop in your area.



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