Let’s Rock This Season!!

If you’re already dreading the pressures of the holiday season, then look no further.  This is exactly what you need.

Whether you normally sail through the season or fumble frantically along, breathing with a breathwork coach makes the experience so much better!!  I recall decades ago that when I thought about going home for the holidays, I definitely wasn’t  singing ‘Silver Bells’ in my head!

Now, I have this tool, this amazing tool, that when I get stressed out, about anything, large or small, I can just lay down, do the breathwork process–like I teach my clients, and I automatically feel lighter, freer and better equipped to cope.

The Breathwork Program is a series of 10 sessions, live or virtual, that work to bring you to a more calm, centered and powerful place; a place where you ultimately make better decisions, have more insights and experience more positive growth in your life.

Normally, the Program is $1250 and the $250 discount is offered only when you prepay.  I’d like to facilitate as many as folks as possible having a brighter, lighter and more merry holiday season.  So, I’m offering the discount whether you prepay or set up a payment plan.

So, check out my links to learn more about the work and to decide whether this is right for you.  Also, feel free to call me anytime for a more personal way of connecting and getting clarity on what this work is all about: (404) 784-0107.  I look forward to our journeys together!!