The Basics

Over a period of twelve years, between 1962 and 1974, Leonard Orr discovered and developed the “spiritual power of the human breathing ability”. In ’74, he perfected the training of Breathworkers, also called Rebirthers or Breathing Guides. Today, over 10 million people have experienced the power of breathwork, without a huge amount of advertising or marketing, but through the simple art of sharing testimonials.

Leonard said about breathwork that it’s, “perhaps the most valuable gift you can give yourself for emotional and physical health.”

Rebirthing breathing is the ability to breathe energy as well as air. It supplies us with spiritual energy and power that enables us to move and be healthy. Most adults think they know how to breathe although they rarely think about it. However, almost none of them truly know until they have had 10 sessions with a trained Breathworker.

Breathing sessions are for anyone who ever has tension, stress or pain. Rebirthing enables us to relax, experience peace, tranquility and freedom from pain. We can breathe ourselves out of anger, depression, and troublesome feelings into peace, clear and pure Life energy.

The philosophy of breathwork includes the concept that thought is creative and that we are conscious from the moment of conception. As we begin to experience life in the pre-verbal form, we collect ideas about ourselves, our parents, authority figures, our siblings and even God. These collected thoughts are stored in our subconscious mind and form the basis for our present and future external reality. Because we are unable to comprehend what is happening around us or ask for clarity about it, we make decisions such as, “I am unwanted”, “Men hurt me”, “Life is hard”. We then, through the Law of Projection, do one to three things with these thoughts:

*We act them out.

*We project them onto people, places, or things.

*We overcompensate for them.

These behaviors in turn can make one’s life less than satisfactory and can manifest in difficulty with success, wealth, relationships and family harmony.

The result of working with a Breathworker is that you uncover the unconscious thoughts that may have been sabotaging your life and are able to change your thinking to produce more desirable results. You begin to experience more peace and balance in your life, in your health, your family and in your career.

The process begins with an initial discovery session to determine the circumstances present at your birth, the elements of your life which are not working for you now and your goals for your own change. Subsequent sessions begin with discussion of how your life is progressing and how the suggested homework is going. Homework is typically the request that you write one or more affirmations about 15 times daily to turn around a particular thought. These are powerful accelerators!

After the discussion, you breathe for one hour in a connected breath pattern, through your mouth while in a comfortable position. The characteristics of the rebirthing breathing technique are different than any other breathing technique. You are guided to breath into your upper chest, into your heart, like you did when you were a baby. This naturally will liberate thoughts and feelings from your childhood and beyond. Your trained Breathworker will gently assist you in easily moving through these as they arise. Your pace will be guided so that your cells become completely oxygenated, releasing any stored toxins. Breathwork will bring a greater sense of vitality to your entire body!

Following the breathing session, your Breathworker helps you to integrate your thoughts and feelings and gives any suggestions for the next session. Weekly sessions are recommended in the beginning. It is also suggested that 10 sessions be attended with a male Breathworker and 10 with a female Breathworker, in order to address your paternal and, respectively, your maternal patterns which may be present. Benefits from consistent breathwork include: improved mental clarity and focus, a greater sense of well-being and balance, the reduction of stress, a more youthful feeling and appearance, reversal of some health conditions, improved relationships, and greater prosperity.


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  1. Hi Dr. Michelle, Thank you for being my guest on the show! I look forward to my first breathing session which I will be scheduling soon.

    Best regards,

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